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Powering Efficiency And Sustainability

We have a dedicated team that specializes in energy compliance and local regulations for different areas. Our team applies technological intelligence and creativity to ensure your property not only saves money on energy costs but also aligns with green initiatives. We’ll work with you to craft a tailored plan that works for your building and its community.

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Cost-Saving Energy Solutions

Our dedicated team evaluates and improves your building’s energy usage for a more compliant, efficient, and cost-effective operation by helping you identify strategies to reduce energy consumption in the ways you need. With expert knowledge of incentives for energy-efficient upgrades, we’ll secure a more sustainable and cost-effective environment for your community.

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Case Studies

Discover how AKAM’s commitment to exceptional property management translates into tangible results for our customers. These real-world examples highlight how we use Residential Intelligence to successfully support every aspect of property management and the communities we serve.

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Proven Strategies

AKAM Energy

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Our reputation is built on being responsive, flexible, and adaptive, always staying ahead of the curve to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our customers. See what others have to say about working with AKAM.

David is an outstanding representative for AKAM. He’s an exceptional listener, very respectful, very effective and always gets the job done. We are very fortunate to have such a kind and reliable person looking out for us.


Grace J.

A big thank you to my manager at AKAM. She is always prompt and available when needed in helping with any concerns. I really appreciate her solid customer service, attention to detail and that she cares. Thank you!


Amy M.

Christian has been the property manager at my building for a few years. She always goes above and beyond to try to resolve any issues I’ve had over the years. She’s quick, attentive and always professional.


Cindy M.

I just wanted to take the time to praise the competency and professionalism of David. He investigates the matter, and when necessary, resolves the issue with promptness in mind. Additionally, I wish to also note that he is always available if you have any concerns regarding the property, such as cleanliness, garbage removal, and general maintenance issues.


John D.

My manager is extremely responsive and was able to resolve a misunderstanding promptly. AKAM is very lucky to have her.


Tom Y.

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