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Strategic Procurement And Management

AKAM stands alone in offering a unique, two-track Procurement Program designed to enhance property management procurement without any additional costs to customers. Offering flexibility, it allows Boards to choose whether to utilize recommended suppliers and vendors, such as those for paint, lighting fixtures, security, janitorial services, and pest control, without making it a requirement. We also use a platform to streamline asset management through digital tracking in order to improve maintenance, reduce risks, and save money. Our dedicated team applies practical sensibility and technological intelligence to ensure communities can benefit from enhanced services and products tailored to their specific needs.

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Track I: Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

Track I focuses on Strategic Sourcing and Procurement, selecting preferred suppliers and vendors based on quality, capacity, delivery capabilities, access, and pricing. Supplier and vendor services range from paint and lighting fixtures to security, janitorial, and pest control. This track enables AKAM to secure superior quality and service for its customers at no extra cost. Boards have the option to choose preferred vendors, facilitating savings and ensuring quality across various services and supplies.

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Track II: Facilities Management Platform

Track II introduces a Facilities Management Platform, developed in partnership with LifeCycle Facility Services in NYC, to manage the lifecycle of a building’s assets. This innovative platform tags each piece of equipment for easy digital tracking, allowing for efficient maintenance and cost-effective replacements. It promotes better planning, reduces risks through preventative maintenance, and offers detailed reporting, ultimately enhancing productivity and extending asset lifespans while saving costs.



Our reputation is built on being responsive, flexible, and adaptive, always staying ahead of the curve to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our customers. See what others have to say about working with AKAM.

A big thank you to my manager at AKAM. She is always prompt and available when needed in helping with any concerns. I really appreciate her solid customer service, attention to detail and that she cares. Thank you!


Amy M.

My manager is extremely responsive and was able to resolve a misunderstanding promptly. AKAM is very lucky to have her.


Tom Y.

Christian has been the property manager at my building for a few years. She always goes above and beyond to try to resolve any issues I’ve had over the years. She’s quick, attentive and always professional.


Cindy M.

David is an outstanding representative for AKAM. He’s an exceptional listener, very respectful, very effective and always gets the job done. We are very fortunate to have such a kind and reliable person looking out for us.


Grace J.

I just wanted to take the time to praise the competency and professionalism of David. He investigates the matter, and when necessary, resolves the issue with promptness in mind. Additionally, I wish to also note that he is always available if you have any concerns regarding the property, such as cleanliness, garbage removal, and general maintenance issues.


John D.

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