Case Studies

ESCO Contract Savings

Transforming Utility Management

123-unit Upper East Side Co-op

Gas Savings: $430,578 (4/30/2017 – 1/24/2024)

140-unit Upper East Side Co-op

Gas Savings: $132,519 (3/31/2018 – 12/14/2023)

238-unit Co-op in Downtown Brooklyn

Gas Savings: Last contract saved $13,000 (24%) over a 12-month period

1022-unit Complex in Brooklyn

Gas Savings: AKAM recently provided a lifetime-to-date savings for the customer, saving nearly $200,000 over the last 3+ years.

572-unit Co-op in Brooklyn

Gas Savings: TV3 saved nearly $100,000 in last 24 months, versus the default National Grid supply rate.

Utility And Tax Refunds

Unlocking Additional Value

172-unit East Village Co-op

Kw Adjustment: $14,500

500+ unit Midtown East Condo

ESCO Refund: $49,615

88-unit Westchester Condo

Sales Tax Refund: $37,515

Rate Class Adjustment

Ensuring Fair Charges

135-unit Brooklyn Condo

In progress: To date, National Grid has refunded $173,369

Meter Reading Adjustment

1090-unit Complex in Brooklyn

AKAM found a problem post-meter exchange, where the meter “reset” and billed for roughly 10,000 extra therms.
This resulted in roughly $10,000 of credit applied to the account.

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