Queens’ Co-op Installs NYC’s Largest Residential EV Charging Station

Hilltop Village Co-op is leading the charge on electric cars — literally. The nine-building, 900-unit complex in Queens now boasts New York City’s largest residential EV charging station, with 423 chargers across its garages and outdoor parking lot. What’s more, the impressive installation was done without touching the reserves or increasing maintenance. The co-op, which is managed by AKAM, has four boards, all of which voted to approve the installation more than two years ago. In addition to combating climate change, “the beauty of this program is it didn’t cost us money,” says Sandra D. Aikens, one of the co-op’s four board presidents.

The total cost of the project, $8.4 million, was offset by a generous $4,985,000 incentive from Con Edison’s PowerReady program, as well as some $500,000 in NYSERDA funding. The remaining $3 million shortfall was absorbed by the energy solutions company DVM Industries, which installed the equipment and holds a 10-year contract to operate the stations. 

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